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River County Soapworks is a handmade soap company located in the beautiful foothills of Southwest Washington.

Founded in the spring of 2001, River County Soapworks grew out of a love of art, a passion to create and a desire to help others step back and celebrate the simple pleasures in life. All our handmade soap bars are artfully designed and beautifully scented. Great pride is taken in the quality of our handmade soap. We start with the finest food grade oils such as Olive, Sweet Almond, Coconut and Palm. We then add generous amounts of emollient butters and specialty oils which make a lovely bar with rich, creamy lather.

Our handmade soap bars retain all the natural glycerin formed in the soapmaking process, cleaning your skin without stripping the natural oils away. Those with sensitive skin will appreciate the mildness of our handmade soaps. Herbs, natural clays, and mineral pigments are added for texture and coloring and finally, our handmade soap is scented with pure essential oils or specially formulated soap fragrance oils.

All our handmade soap bars are eco-friendly as they are made entirely by hand using very little energy. We use the traditional “cold – process” method of soapmaking which retains the natural benefits of all the ingredients used. All our soaps are cured for a minimum of two months on drying racks to ensure hard, mild and long lasting bars of soap. Just prior to packaging we bevel all the edges of each bar so that it rolls in the hand and glides smoothly over the body with no sharp edges. We are very proud of the quality of the handmade soap bars we offer and hope you enjoy using them as much as we enjoy making them.

It has been through a natural progression that lotions, creams and other bath and body products have been added along with handmade soap bars to our product line. All are handcrafted with the utmost care and diligence. It has been a delight to offer these handmade bath and body products with premium ingredients to our customers.

We are grateful for the many loyal customers that continue to buy handmade soap from us for their own personal use and as a handmade soap gift. Our customers are valued and their feedback has become a very important part of our research and development process. We love to hear from you if you have something to say or a question to ask. We have built up quite a collection of testimonials over time but each new one that comes in still warms our heart and brightens our day.

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