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Just Gelling!


Recently I came across the perfect example of handmade soap gelling or going through the "gel" phase.   When making soap it generally will want to gel.  Gelling’ and ‘gel phasing’ in cold process soap references the part of the soap making process where the soap gets warm and gelatinous - up to about 200 degrees I'm pretty sure.  Different factors can affect this from ambient heat, batch size, how hot you pour and ingredients such as honey and certain fragrances and/or essential oils such as spice scents.    Most batches of freshly poured soap will tend to want to gel unless you are making small 1 or 2 lb batches then you need to help it along with adding heat.   In my case batch sizes are at a minimum of 25 lbs so that is not an issue.  I have more difficulty controlling gel when I don't want the soap to move into the gel phase.  In that case I soap cool, remove all insulation and watch carefully for the early signs the soap is gelling. Sometimes I can control it and sometimes it is best just to accept it.   A gelled soap has a more vibrant color than a non-gelled soap and is a bit harder initially than a non-gelled soap bar because of water evaporation but that is about it.  No difference in the quality of the final bar of handmade soap whether you gel or not.



Welcome to our New & Improved Website!

Well...I went back and forth about updating the website for quite some time trying to figure out what to do.  Whether I could find a web developer that could just update the antiquated zen cart or whether I should go with a new format all together.   Our original website was designed in 2007 and [...]

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Lovely Guest Soaps

It has been a really dry an hot summer for us living in the Pacific Northwest.  Unusually so.  For the first time in a very long time the rain came in today and I took advantage of the calmness and serenity the rain brings to cut up some guest soaps which were made earlier in [...]

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International Shipping Scam

Welcome to my blog under our new updated website. For my first post I'd like to talk about my recent encounter with a shipping scam. Scams come across my desk on almost a daily basis and I have got pretty good at recognizing them right away. We have been pretty busy around [...]

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